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About Us

Belyea plumbing & heating was founded in 1908 by the Belyea Bros who would use their bicycles to get around to various Toronto plumbing and heating jobs at the time.

The Belyea brothers installed some of the earliest applications of radiant in floor heating in Toronto.

The company was issued the very first plumbing and heating license in the City of Toronto.

Belyea plumbing and heating grew rapidly and they were the first service business in Toronto to adopt the use of the Model T truck as a work vehicle.

Belyea was a pioneering plumbing company that participated in the early adoption of plastic drain piping as well as many other advances in the plumbing trade.

The Belyea’s were very involved in the City with one of the brothers eventually becoming the city Comptroller.

Eventually Belyea plumbing and heating divided their efforts into two separate businesses, Belyea plumbing & drains, and our sister company Belyea heating & cooling.

Today, here at Belyea plumbing & drains we offer expert service from experienced Toronto plumbers and specialized Toronto drain experts. To this day we endeavor to uphold the ethical values and quality of service that Belyea was founded on over a century ago.